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Five months and counting

Seems like only yesterday I took the keys and took over Left of the Dial Records. Sitting here today, November 1 marks the start of month six in Downtown Santa Ana. Record Store Day Black Friday is just a few weeks away and the Christmas Holidays will follow right behind.

Record Store Day Black Friday is different than the April version of RSD with all of the frantic scurrying and seeking of gems. As an owner of an independent record store as they say, we are told the Black Friday version is more low key, and features titles meant (ideally) to be available as the holidays approach. If for example a title is not in my store on that day after Thanksgiving, I might very well be able to order and still get it the following week. There are hundreds of titles available on that day, and I can only guess and purchase my best estimate of what might be of interest to people. Remember, this is new for me, so I am getting lots of input, asking lots of questions, and hoping it goes fairly well.

Two in store shows in November should be exciting, Saturday 11/11 Cowboys in the Campfire and Saturday 11/18 YYNot will be doing an acoustic set.

Lastly, I have put up a couple of shelving units to display new and used turntables and have cleared an area in the far corner of the shop where the bands can perform. I hope to post some used turntables as well as some rare higher priced used records that are now available in the store! Stay tuned!

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